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Angels of North Alabama

Huntsville, AL, March 14, 2016– Today, Bob Thurber, Vice Chair of BizTech, announced the formation of ANA, the all new Angels of North Alabama.  In the past three years, an unprecedented interest in entrepreneurship has emerged in North Alabama with initiatives such as, HOTCoffee, Rocket Hatch, Tech Rich of WBCNA, Huntsville West, Will This Fly, Innovation Week, SPARK, The Entrepreneurial Center, UAH and Rocket City Launch.  Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology, BizTech, and WBCNA are thriving alongside them.  This very creative and energetic activity has created a number of new startups. When the leaders of these not for profits and their entrepreneurial protégés are asked, “What is the biggest barrier you have to hurdle?” the inevitable answer is, “Getting Investment Capital.”

Beginning now, ANA Forums offer a totally free community service, to bring North Alabama investors and regional entrepreneurs together for an exciting and efficient exchange of opportunities for both groups.  Investors will be invited to participate in discussions with entrepreneurial startups at the BizTech offices in The Entrepreneurial Center (TEC) located at 515 Sparkman Drive.  While the focus is on Angel Investors, the meetings will also be open to professionals.

There will be no membership dues, management fees or “carries”.  ANA Forums and the services which accompany them are totally free, right down to the wine and hors d’oeuvres.

“ANA Forums will allow local investors to review and invest in early stage, innovative companies here in North Alabama, further adding to the positive economic growth in the area!”, stated Bob Thurber, Chair of BizTech’s Investment Funding Committee.


“I’m excited about the addition of the ANA Forums to the growing entrepreneurial business community.  This announcement adds to our recent GIG City and Innovate Hsv announcements further fueling our entrepreneurial community by bringing investments to the best and brightest Startups from the Huntsville/North Alabama area.” stated Huntsville’s Mayor Tommy Battle.

ANA will host its inaugural Forum on March 29, 2016 at TEC in BizTech’s Main Conference Room.  The high potential startups planned for presentation at this meeting are, Vital Metrix and MechOptix – both past winners at Alabama LaunchPad – where a total of $150,000 was awarded to the two companies.  Invitations will be sent out to the current ANA Mailing list by March 15. We welcome all investors to join ANA’s list of new and experienced investors. Please contact Marie Vanderliest to be added.

Locally prepared sample legal documents will be provided to help entrepreneurs and investors alike quickly and inexpensively get through the investment paperwork mill.  BizTech staff and Board members will vet emerging start-up companies throughout North Alabama as they prepare for investment.  BizTech will provide the necessary administrative resources to help formalize the appropriate deal structure, but BizTech will not help set or influence due diligence or deal valuation.

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If you would like more information about ANA and/or its inaugural Forum, please contact Marie Vanderliest at 256-704-6000 or

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