Delafield Solutions

Through their licensed technology, Delafield Solutions provides 24/7, real-time, disinfection of the areas where you live, work, and play. Ideally suited for office and healthcare environments as it provides safe and continuous treatment with no disruption to daily routines. This unique method does not produce aqueous droplets of hydrogen peroxide, or hydrogen peroxide vapor, rather the hydrogen peroxide is a true gas state (the same physical state as the oxygen and nitrogen in the air). By mixing with the ambient air, the gaseous hydrogen peroxide is able to reach all exposed surfaces within the environment, including those areas inaccessible to normal housekeeping practices. In this state, hydrogen peroxide can diffuse through air permeable materials such as bedding and fabric coverings, contact hard-to-reach surfaces above, behind, and below equipment and room furnishings, and even penetrate the cracks and crevices that harbor the biofilms and reservoirs for microbial contamination.The concentration is well below OSHA limits allowing the area to remain in use yet sufficient to reduce germs on a sustained basis.